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Saw you at Thursford Christmas Spectacular on 15 November. Hilarious doesn't even cover it. Would have loved you going on a bit longer. Your tale about the three guys organising their birthday celebrations, priceless. Hope you'll be back at Thursford again next year. 


Best regards,

Beatrice Dyer

Saw Lloyd on Thursday this afternoon at Thursford Christmas Spectacular - five hours drive to see him well worth it and master of his craft.

Andrew Pattinson

Great to see you at Thursford. A fantastic show and lovely to see you again and doing a great performance. Carry on with the great work and enjoy your Christmas with your family.


My very best wishes Mildred Porter


Wow! Saw you at Thursford Spectacular 2023 for the first time and will follow your career now, while telling anyone who'll listen what a genius you are. Can't stop chuckling!

Anne Griffin

I have just returned from the Thursford show this afternoon . Fabulous entertainment throughout . Loved all the material you did . Suited the venue and audience perfectly . I have been a stand up in the Eastern Counties for over 30 years but have now retired. It is great to see a comic who is a master of his craft and you certainly are that. I originally started as a Max Miller tribute in the Old Tyme Music Hall Shows around the Holiday camp circuit ,later being a Norfolk comedian aka “ the Norfolk Nut “ . It made my day to see Max Miller in your final song . Congratulations on a fine performance - may you go from strength to strength .

Kind regards Pat

Hi Lloyd 


So pleased to learn you are the compere at Thursford this year. 

We last saw you at Warner's at Alvaston Hall in February this year. 

We have booked to see the show on 21st November (2 p.m.) Looking forward to seeing you. 

With best wishes from 

Jenny & Roy Lane 

(Hogsthorpe,   Nr. Skegness)

Saw you on P & O's Iona Jan 2023. Very funny! But also very clever. Very enjoyable. Spoke to other travellers who also enjoyed your show.

Dave Beeby

Two great shows on Viking Jupiter - Lloyd has a great singing voice,  involves the audience without being over the top, and had us laughing from start to finish. He also has the ability to bring his personal life into his act sensitively but without invading anyone's privacy, well done Lloyd, and thank you.


Still laughing out loud today!! You were absolute quality last night at Warners Thoresby Hall ! They should “bucking fottle” you, as you would say! Ha ha ha!


Janet from Sittingbourne

I saw you at Heythrop Park Warners this week and all i could do was laugh. I really enjoyed your backwards and the song at the start of the show. 


Can’t wait for you to come back to Thanet Indoor Bowls Club perhaps sometime next year you are so funny and very entertaining best wishes.

Judith Thorpe

Hi Lloyd thank you so much for sending your DVD. Watch it today Mick and I laughed all the way through it what a great show. We've seen you quite a few times starting on Fred Olsen's ships quite a few years ago now also at Warners. Unfortunately I can't drive any more so can't travel about. So glad youve still got success in your hands. Best wishes to you and your family.

Pat & Mick Toner

Thank you Lloyd for a great time we had at your show last week on board the Ambassador Ambience Ship to Norway. Hope to see you in a show again. I asked you on Saturday if you were on the cruise we going on next year... You won’t be... So sad.

 Hope you had a lovely day today with your family good luck for the next adventure God Bless x

Evelyn Crick

We seen Lloyd at many of his shows and pantomimes, over many years.he is a true showman and puts on amazing shows and performs fabulous, his singing is brilliant . Honestly Lloyd is 10 out 10 . I highly recommend anything Lloyd does because he is fantastic xxx

Louise Ann & Disney

Hi Lloyd, Saw you on Friday 25/08/2023 at Gunton Hall. What a brilliant show, particularly liked your hilarious Oliver Twist story. First saw you at Gunton Hall about 10 years ago when you did your Cinderella story and was fantastic that time too. Laughed so much both times. Good luck for your Thursford show.


Regards Alison Brody

What a right laff, just what you need to forget your troubles for a few hours. Lloyd Hollett the comedian everyone should know. His wordplay will make you laugh for hours after. How does one remember what this genius knows? 😆


Phil Watkins

Lloyd Hollett stole the show at Bromley's pantomime Jack And The Beanstalk...Lloyd was on fire..great, great performance!

Glen Foot

Saw you tonight at Thoresby Hall 7th Feb 2023. I Haven't laughed so much in a long time. Thank you so much. 

Mike Newlove

Fantastic Lloyd. You are just what we need at the moment. Look forward to seeing you again. Keep up the good work. 

Carol Craig

Brilliant DVD Lloyd. Loved every minute of it. Well done!

Jan Gregory

Look forward to seeing you again at Alvaston Hall in Feb

Rosin Hodgson

First saw Lloyd six years ago on a Tui ( now Marella) cruise, so thoroughly enjoyed the show that we now try to see Lloyd as much as possible around the Warner hotels. So happy that you will be compèring Thursford this year as only 30-40 minutes from home. Can’t wait to see you there! A very clever, entertaining & very friendly man xx

Janice Knights (August 2023)

Just seen you this evening at Warner Studley Castle (15th August 2023), didn’t know what to expect but hey what a fabulously entertaining show. Never laughed so much for a long time . You’re a great showman, great jokes , great singer and amazing wordsmith , you certainly can work an audience. Wishing you all the luck for your future. We’re still laughing! 


Best regards,

Keith and Deborah Boyes

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