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Can’t wait for you to come back to Thanet Indoor Bowls Club perhaps sometime next year you are so funny and very entertaining best wishes Judy Ian Thorpe xx

Judith Thorpe

Thank you Lloyd for a great time we had at your show last week on board the Ambassador Ambience Ship to Norway. Hope to see you in a show again. I asked you on Saturday if you were on the cruise we going on next year... You won’t be... So sad.

 Hope you had a lovely day today with your family good luck for the next adventure God Bless Evelyn x

Evelyn Crick

Look forward to seeing you again at Alvaston Hall in Feb


Rosin Hodgson

Hi Lloyd thank you so much for sending your DVD. Watch it today Mick and I laughed all the way through it what a great show. We've seen you quite a few times starting on Fred Olsen's ships quite a few years ago now also at Warners. Unfortunately I can't drive any more so can't travel about. So glad youve still got success in your hands. Best wishes to you and your family.

Pat & Mick Toner

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